Daily Routines

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Daily Routines

All teacher/child interactions are:

  • To be loving, firm and consistent
  • To actively and enthusiastically encourage appropriate behavior
  • To attempt to ignore inappropriate behavior if it is not dangerous to the child or other children in the group
  • To always give information to children on what is acceptable, and the specific behaviors that are unacceptable
  • To offer alternatives

Philosophy and guidelines for daily routine

  • Teachers should be a positive role model for children
  • All activities should be well thought-out and planned
  • Teachers will work to provide individual attention to each child during activities.
  • When speaking to a child, teachers will clearly discuss the behaviors that must improve; separate the behavior from the child
  • Teachers will work with the child’s parents to ensure consistent strategy for improvement; discuss a plan for home/center carry over
  • Teachers will establish a positive rapport with each child
  • Teachers will attend both the victims and the aggressor; encourage the expression of feelings and verbal resolution of conflicts
  • Teachers will focus on the child’s strengths and encourage children to develop a positive self image
  • Teachers will coach children to verbalize their feelings and emotions. Children who can speak up for themselves will develop a sense of empowerment 

Activities for the children should:

  • Be fun
  • Challenging
  • Age appropriate
  • Offer as many choices as possible
  • Be well planned
  • Be full of positive interactions
  • Give children choice between child-directed and teacher-directed activities every day

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