Discipline Policy

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Discipline Policy

General rules for staff concerning discipline

  1. Corporal punishment shall not be used, including spanking and grabbing harshly
  2. No child shall be subjected to cruel or severe punishment, humiliation, or verbal abuse
  3. No child is to be physically restrained unless they pose extreme danger to themselves or others in the group
  4. No child shall be denied food as a form of punishment
  5. No child shall be punished for soiling, wetting or not using the toilet
  6. Comfort first; discipline later
  7. Teachers will offer children the opportunity to tell their side of the issue and talk about their feelings
  8. Staff members must support each other during disciplinary crisis unless the form of discipline goes against policy
  9. When disruptive behavior occurs on a consistent basis, a meeting will be held with the teachers, Program Director and parent. The Director will assist in the meeting when appropriate. At this time, the staff and parent will come up with a behavior plan for the child
  10. Yelling at children is prohibited unless an emergency exists where conditions are unsafe, and yelling will stop a child from endangering him/herself at that moment. When biting, hitting, pushing, scratching and other behaviors, which hurt children or staff, occur, staff will intercede immediately and children will be separated and comforted. It may be necessary to isolate the child for a short time within the classroom. An adult will sit with the isolated child and explain what is unacceptable in a clear and concise manner. After this time, the child should be helped to rejoin the group.

    Children should never be isolated outside the classroom by themselves. When unacceptable behaviors occur, the staff will work with the child (and the parents) with the methods described in the program’s discipline policy to decrease the frequency of the behavior. We will observe the classroom and consult research materials and specialists if necessary. If the childcare staff determines that your child is consistently abusive to themselves, other children or staff (i.e. scratching, biting, kicking, hitting to endanger, etc.), we will reserve the right to suspend and/or terminate your child’s care.

The following steps will be taken for dangerous situations:

  • Written reports will be sent to parents describing your child’s behavior.
  • After two written notices, parents will be required to meet with staff to discuss the child’s behavior and set up a plan to resolve the situation. Failure of a parent or to respond or cooperate will result in termination.

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