Food at Carriage House

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Food at Carriage House

 We will serve a nutritious morning and an afternoon snack every day. Morning snack is served  between  9:30-10:00.

Carriage House primarily serves organic snacks and we will not serve meat or fish. Monthly menus will be posted as well. Occasionally parents will bring in “treats” or we will prepare snacks that are not organic.

Parents must provide lunch. If you want your child to have milk, please bring it in a straw cup.  We also will provide and encourage children to drink plenty of water. We do not allow juice, sport drinks or chocolate milk, please!  

Health regulations prohibit us from heating any foods in the microwave except in the infant/toddler rooms. To heat and serve home prepared foods you must sign a waiver and provide the staff with heating instructions.

We are required by licensing to ensure children’s lunches contain one-third the nutritional requirements. If a parent should forget certain food items, (fruits or vegetables, milk products, proteins) we will begin charging $5.00 every time we have to supplement.


The following are suggestions for a balanced lunch from the Food Guide Pyramid for kids from USDA:

  • One serving of grains:
    Kid friendly grain foods include bread, bagels, crackers, muffins, pasta, pretzels and tortillas.
  • One serving of protein:
    Meat, hard-boiled eggs, (please peel at home) chicken, peanut butter, beans and cheese.
  • One or two servings of vegetables and fruit:
    Use fresh vegetables and fruit when you can. Cut the fruit and vegetables into child size wedges so it is easier for your child to eat. When fresh fruit isn’t possible, send canned fruit, dried fruit, or fruit leather. (Fruit Snacks are NOT fruit). Pack a couple of fruit choices and let them choose-they feel more in control of what they are eating.
  • One milk serving:
    Since all of our lunches are in the fridge, we really encourage you to pack cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese or milk. Please try to avoid artificially colored yogurts with candy sprinkles.

We will notify parents if we should have to supplement and will charge them $5.00.

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