Infant Room details

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Infant Room details

We look forward to getting to know you and taking care of your child. There are a few things you should know about the Infant Room at Carriage House before your first day. Infant child care requires special attention and we may need special things from you to make your child as comfortable as possible. 

Please take your shoes off when you enter the room. We try to keep it as clean as possible and this helps. If you have older children, please pick them up after picking up your infant as a precaution to keep germs out.

  • Food and Drinks:
    Please make bottles prior to arriving to school, per licensing we are not allowed to make them. We have a small refrigerator in our room to store bottles and food and we will warm them in the crock pot if needed. Also keep in mind that when we heat up a bottle it is only good for 1 hour due to bacteria growth, so please send enough for the day.
    Water will be given in straw cups to children who are old enough to sit at the table. If your child is eating solids, please pack enough food for lunch and snacks, keeping in mind that some food may end up on the floor. Please send food washed and prepared the way you want us to serve it to your child. Please label ALL containers with your child’s first and last name.
  • Breast Milk:
    If you would like to store frozen breast milk here as a back up you may do so. They can be stored in the main kitchen freezer, labeled with first and last name and the date.
  • Sleeping:
    Each child will be assigned a crib for the day. We supply blankets but if your child would like to bring their special one from home, please do. Sometimes it is comforting for an infant to have a smell from home with them while they are here at school. Sleep sacks are great too!
  • Extra Clothes:
    Please send your child at least one pair of extra clothes each day, we do get messy! Remember an extra hat for the particular time of year, we do try to get outside often, even in the winter.
  • Daily Report Form:
    When dropping off your child, please fill out the sheet by the door. This helps us to know when you child ate, slept, and was changed last. We will fill out a sheet for you to take home at the end of the day so that you know how your infant’s day was while at school.
  • Cubbies:
    There will be a cubby to place belongings in for the day. Please keep in mind not to keep any medication in these bins (diaper bag).
  • Diapers and Wipes:
    You must supply diapers for your child. You may leave a package in our diaper storage and we will notify you when we need more. Please bring one package of unscented, alcohol free wipes per month for the room to use.
  • Photos:
    Please bring in 4 or 5 family photos for our collage wall. They love to look at their pictures!

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to ask any of us. Welcome and make yourself comfortable.  We can’t wait to watch your child learn and grow in our safe, secure child care center. 

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