One Year Old Room Details

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One Year Old Room Details

We would like to make your child’s transitions into the one year old room at Carriage House Early Learning Center as smooth as possible. One Year Old child care needs special attention and care and our professional teachers are ready to provide the best care possible.

Here is some important information to help with this transition:

Making your child comfortable

    • Please label all of your child’s items. Things get moved around and we occasionally have subs in the room. 
    • Please send some family pictures to the child care center (including pets!)  We will put these into collage format and laminate them. these collages are an important tool for your child to connect with you throughout the day!
    • If your child has a special blanket or pacifier please label it and bring it in! We only allow pacifiers for nap time, because of health and safety concerns, we do not allow children to walk around with them in the classroom.
    • There is a daily report board so that you can see when your child has eaten, slept, and their diaper has been changed. We also have an activity board that lists the day’s activities.


  • We use communal wipes, so we ask that each month you bring one UNSCENTED alcohol free package of wipes. We can store diapers and wipes if you would like to bring extras.

Food and Snacks

    • We provide snack in the morning (10 am) and in the afternoon (4pm) and we will provide water throughout the day in straw cups. We are very flexible with the times and will pull from your child’s lunch if they need more food, so please pack a little extra food.
    • We sit at the table for snack and lunch and encourage family style eating. We encourage children to remain sitting until they are finished. 
    • Your child will need a labeled lunch box each day with a WELL BALANCED lunch (main course, vegetables, and fruit along with milk or water). We have a microwave in the room so you can pack any foods that need to be heated in their lunch. Please write any instructions for heating up your child’s food. More specific lunch ideas are available if you would like.
    • Please only bring milk or water for your child. We are no longer allowing sugary drinks like chocolate milk, juice or sport drinks. Per our Public Health consultant, we only use straw cups, no sippy cups please.


  • Because we are a toddler room we will only allow bottles for up to 2 months after your child has started, we will work together on weaning your child. Between the ages of 15-18 months children typically move toward one nap a day, but we will honor your child’s needs.  The majority of the children nap around 1pm.


    • We are very messy and busy in the one year old so please send your child in clothes that you do not mind getting dirty. Also, we ask that you send an extra pair of clothes so that we may change them when necessary. Spills and messes are quite common!
    • Please send your child to school in CLOSED toe shoes everyday, this becomes a safety hazard otherwise.
    • Your child needs a sun hat or winter hat every day. In the winter your child will need a snow suit and waterproof mittens and boots. We try to go outside twice a day in the warmer months and once each day in the wintertime.
  • We ask that you apply sunscreen each morning to your child. We will reapply if we go back outside in the afternoon.

Play time behavior

    • Some behaviors that are common at this age are pushing, hitting, and biting. These behaviors are common because children have not yet fully developed their language skills. Also, children at this age tend to be egocentric. This is when the child sees the world from their own point of view and they think that everyone thinks and feels as they do.  They do not know how to share and we do not encourage it. 
  • One year olds are growing and learning a great deal. We are not just playing everyday. Your child will be developing their gross and fine motor skills as well as their self help skills. We will begin setting the building blocks for language, literacy, math, and science.
    We will provide many opportunities for art and sensory experiences as well as allowing them to develop their creative minds. Please feel free to ask questions at anytime. We welcome you to come and visit your child for lunch or any other time throughout the day! We want you to be a part of your child’s classroom! 

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