Our mission and philosophy

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Our mission and philosophy


To provide high quality, nurturing, enriching, developmentally appropriate childcare in a safe environment. We will support the needs of our children, families, and community while contributing to the wholesome growth of our future citizens.

Ages Accepted: 8 weeks through 6 years.


Carriage House is founded on the belief that the early childhood years are a critical time when children develop more rapidly and learn more readily than at any other period of life. 

It is for this reason that we believe that young children deserve an environment that fosters discovery and compliments individual learning styles and temperaments. To accomplish this, the Carriage House implements Developmentally Appropriate Practice as defined by the N.A.E.Y.C. (National Association for the Education of Young Children).

We believe that growth is organic and each child develops systematically according to an individual pattern. Young children learn in a sensory-motor fashion. They interact with their bodies and draw in information with their senses. Children need responsive adults who read their needs correctly and respond to them effectively and consistently.

The first years of a child’s life are actually involved with the development of trust. Carriage House will seek to provide an environment that is predictable and consistent with caring adults so that trust may grow.

We feel it is essential to find teachers who possess patience, imagination, flexibility, curiosity, maturity and a sense of wonder. Teachers need to be able to accept and understand the egocentric nature of the young child. They need to recognize that temper tantrums and oppositional behavior are a part of a child’s development of autonomy. They must be capable of providing safe boundaries while supporting growth and independence.

Language development is enhanced with an environment where children are listened to and where their attempts to communicate are responded to. There should be lots of discussion throughout the young child’s day.

Parents and children from diverse cultural backgrounds need services that are sensitive to cultural values and traditions. We stress the importance of understanding, respecting, and reflecting the cultures of all the families that we serve. We seek to nurture a child’s self esteem and sense of belonging. The individual temperament and learning styles of each child will be respected. Children need to grow at their own pace, with support and optimum learning environments.


Kids doing Yoga at pre school in breckenridgeThe Creative Curriculum is a developmentally appropriate curriculum for children from birth to kindergarten. Creative Curriculum is a play-based curriculum that allows children to experiment and investigate through play.

Play is the work of young children. Play provides the foundation for academic learning. In our classrooms we help children become enthusiastic learners by encouraging them to be active and creative explorers.

The children of Carriage House are independent, self-confident, and inquisitive learners. Each child learns at their own pace and in ways that are best for each individual child. 

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