Reporting child abuse and neglect

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Reporting child abuse and neglect

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  1. All staff will receive training in recognizing signs of abuse and neglect.
  2. Teachers will discuss with the Program Director or Assistant Director about any concerns about children’s physical or emotional health.
  3. If appropriate, the teacher will speak with the child further to clarify details and identify major concerns.
  4. If appropriate, the Executive Director will then file a report with the Department of Social Services, first by phone, and then in writing. A copy of the report will be filed in the child’s file in the office.
  5. The Executive Director will also speak with the parent to clarify concerns and notify them that a report has been filed under the guidelines of the mandatory reporting law.
  6. All attempts will be made by the staff of the program to:
    1. Reinforce the child’s decision to share this information.
    2. Aid the child in coping with his/her feelings and fears connected with the abuse or neglect.
    3. Maintain the child’s and family’s confidentiality whenever possible
    4. Help the child to deal with any changes that may result from the report and/or subsequent investigation.
  1. The Executive Director will share with the teacher’s information pertinent to the child’s participation in the program and will keep them informed of any major changes or events that may affect the child’s attendance or mood.
  2. The Executive Director will work with the investigator and worker from the Department of Social Services on an on-going basis when necessary

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