Separation Plan

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Separation Plan

Approximately between ages eight months and one year, most children begin to develop a fear of separation from Mom and Dad. This is a normal, healthy developmental process. This separation fear seems to emerge about the same time in all cultures. At the Carriage House, we view separation problems as a normal part of the adjustment to the center. Tantrums and hitting of Mom and Dad are even quite normal. Crying hard until Mom and Dad reach the door is also normal. Here are a few suggestions to make it easier for you and your child to move through this period.

  1. Encourage a positive attitude.
    Speak happily and positively about new friends and fun that your child will have at school. Remember, if you are hesitant about sending your child to school, they will also sense that hesitation.
  2. Be consistent about attendance and schedule.
    Try to schedule a minimum of two days of care per week for younger children.
  3. Visit school with your child and stay with them for a few minutes.
    Then come back a second time and explain ahead of time that this time you will be leaving.
  4. Establish credibility with your child by returning on time.
    Try to come on or around the same time you told your child you would come. Remember, many children “watch” the clock awaiting your arrival.
  5. Bring your child into the building, and if you anticipate a problem, be prompt about leaving.
    Give them a hug and leave swiftly. PLEASE don’t sneak out and be prepared for some brief crying. Your child expects a hug and/or a kiss good-bye. Staff members will be glad to hold your child as you leave. 

Separation problems usually disappear within two weeks of consistent attendance. You may soon find your child does not wish to leave the Carriage House when you come to pick them up! 

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