What to bring

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What to bring

Items brought from home

Children may NOT bring candy, money, pets or toys (except sleeping toys or for special activities) to the center. All belongings should be labeled with the child’s first and last name. Labeling is crucial as there is a tremendous amount of clothing, winter apparel, equipment and other personal belongings each day at the center

Required items

Change of Clothes

Parents are requested to bring two sets of extra clothing (including a shirt, pants, socks, underwear, etc.) to the center at all times. All personal items should have the child’s name on item. Please be sure to dress your child appropriately for “messy” play.

Sheets and Blankets

The center provides sheets and blankets. You may provide your own blanket if you like. 


Children in diapers are required to have four diapers available every day. These can be brought daily or in large supply. Parents are required to bring one box of unscented alcohol free wipes each month. Children who are learning to use the toilet need to have four pairs of underwear and some diapers. Potty training will be a team effort with parents, however due to health regulations, the teacher has the discretion to put a diaper on if necessary. Children who are completely potty trained should still keep some extra underpants and clothes at the center in case of accidents.


We expect the children to have boots for rainy or snowy days and to be dressed warmly in the winter with:

  • a waterproof winter coat
  • snow pants
  • a hat
  • waterproof mittens or gloves.

The children must have slippers or shoes so they can remove their boots while inside. Please send your child in “play clothes” so they can enjoy their day! We discourage wearing dress up clothing and dress up shoes with heels. Dress up clothing and costumes can get ruined and can be un-safe if caught up in playground equipment. In the summer please send your child in close-toed shoes.


Parents of infants must supply diapers, pacifiers (if used), infant foods as needed and a box of unscented alcohol-free wipes monthly. Parents must bring in bottles mixed and ready to go, licensing does not allow us to mix bottles.

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