Your first visit

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Your first visit

Parents can inquire about availability through a visit the center or through a call to be placed on the waiting list. When there is an opening, the assistant director starts at the beginning of the list and calls based on children who meet the criteria for the available spot.

Parents then come for an intake meeting with the assistant director. At the meeting, all necessary forms are completed and a payment of $50.00 (registration fee) is collected. Parents and children are required to spend time in the classroom prior to the start date.

The first day is a major adjustment for both the parent and child. The parent should plan to spend some time with the child in the classroom. Before the parent leaves, the teachers will answer any questions and encourage a parent check-in call for a smooth transition. There is an open door policy at the Carriage House. Parents are welcome to visit in their child’s room as often as they like or call in at any time.

Please let us know if you have suggestions on improving our services. If parents make suggestions for our program or policy change and the changes cannot be implemented, parents may request that the reasons and explanation be given in writing.

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